March 17, 2021

With the intention to support families during this pandemic, the Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon Parents’ Participation Committee will offer families a comedy talk as well as techno-educational workshops. In light of the important contributions of parents to the learning and well-being of students, these activities aim to strengthen their engagement and encourage their participation in the education of their children. This program will kick off on Wednesday, March 31, at 6.30 p.m., with Martin Larocque’s conference entitled "La famille, mieux vaut en RIRE!” (Family, Better to Laugh About It!). This free conference will be broadcast on Zoom.

In his conference entitled "La famille, mieux vaut en RIRE!", Mr. Larocque will take a realistic, amused and serious look at our life as a father or mother. In his presentation, he will highlight the ups and downs of this role which is so difficult to define. According to Mr. Larocque, the parent-child relationship is such an enjoyable yet exhausting role that makes us do totally surreal things at times! A role where love, doubt, guilt and instinct come together every hour.

Martin Larocque, actor and father of three boys, is a speaker specializing in family communication, empowerment and self-esteem. Author of three books on paternity published at Éditions de la Bagnole (Papa par-ci, papa par-là, Papa pure Laine and Papa 24/7), Martin Larocque is also a radio columnist who is appreciated for his participation in movies and television series sur as District 31 and Virginie.

Martin Larocque's presentation is offered exclusively at no cost to families and staff members of the CSC Nouvelon. To register, visit: or call 705 673-5626 or 1-800-259-5567.

In April, the CSC Nouvelon will also offer a series of techno-educational workshops that will assist and equip families to support their children in learning. These virtual workshops will cover the following topics: Parent Portal (April 7), Microsoft Teams (April 21) and Technology Helping tools (April 28).

The Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon offers a French-language Catholic Educational Program that is widely recognized for its excellence. The CSC Nouvelon provides a quality learning environment and academic program that runs from early childhood to adult education, with some 6,400 students enrolled in 27 elementary, 1 virtual school and 10 secondary schools.

Paul de la Riva
Director of Communications and External Relations
Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvelon
705-673-5626, ext. 294
705-677-8195 (cell)