Access to French-language Catholic education is the constitutional right of French-language rights-holders, though non-rights-holders can also apply. This right is guaranteed to citizens by the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The child of a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who meets any of the following criteria qualifies for French-language education:

  • whose first language learned and still understood is French; OR
  • has received his or her education at the elementary level in French in Canada (excludes French immersion); OR
  • has a child who has received or who is receiving his or her education at the elementary or secondary level in French (excludes French immersion) in Canada.

The Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon also welcomes in its schools children:

  • whose grand-parents had French as a first language and were right-holders to French-language education; OR
  • born from immigration and whose parents speak neither French nor English.

As a rights-holder, if you choose not to send your child to a French-language school, the automatic right to French-language education for the next generation is lost, and access to a French-language school must subsequently be requested as a non-rights-holder.

To qualify for Junior Kindergarten, your child must have turned 4 years of age prior to December 31 during the year you register your child while for Senior Kindergarten, your child must be 5 years of age prior to December 31 during the year you register your child.

The following documents are necessary to complete your child's registration:

  • Birth certificate;
  • Health card;
  • Immunization card (vaccine and inoculation      booklet);
  • Roll number (appear on municipal tax forms);
  • Baptismal      certificate (if available).

If you have any questions regarding whether your child is eligible for a French Catholic Education, please do not hesitate to contact our school at (705) 675-1201.