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Offer your child a French Catholic education!

More than ever, parents put their trust in French-language Catholic education for their child. For more than 25 years, Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon schools have offered quality education from Kindergarten to grade 12. Parents want to offer their children every opportunity to learn French as a first language and develop a high-level of bilingualism in an environment which instills spiritual and moral values within each student.

All parents who wish to explore the many benefits of a quality and proven French-language education for their children are cordially invited to explore the value of French-language education described by the provincial network Éducation en langue française (ELF).

Your child was born in 2020 and will begin school in September 2024? Discover all that our schools have to offer! All parents and children are invited.

My Education Starts en Français

Who is entitled to a Francophone school in Ontario?

Access to French-language Catholic education is guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights. The children of Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who meet any of the following criteria are welcomed in our schools:

  • whose first language learned and still understood is French; OR
  • has received his or her education at the elementary level in French in Canada (excludes French immersion); OR
  • has a child who has received or who is receiving his or her education at the elementary or secondary level in French (excludes French immersion) in Canada.

Our school board also welcomes in its schools children:

  • whose grand-parents had French as a first language and were right-holders to French-language education; OR
  • born from immigration and whose parents speak neither French nor English.

All other parents wishing to register their child in a Francophone school may submit an application for admission. Contact the principal at the school you wish to register your child for more details or for assistance.

Who qualifies for French-language Education?

Access to French-language Catholic education is the constitutional right of French-language rights-holders, though non-rights-holders can also apply. This right is guaranteed to citizens by the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The child of a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who meets any of the following criteria qualifies for French-language education:

  • whose first language learned and still understood is French; OR
  • has received his or her education at the elementary level in French in Canada (excludes French immersion); OR
  • has a child who has received or who is receiving his or her education at the elementary or secondary level in French (excludes French immersion) in Canada.

The Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon also welcomes in its schools, children:

  • whose grand-parents had French as a first language and were right-holders to French-language education; OR
  • born from immigration and whose parents speak neither French nor English.

As a rights-holder, if you choose not to send your child to a French-language school, the automatic right to French-language education for the next generation is lost, and access to a French-language school must subsequently be requested as a non-rights-holder.

What if my child does not speak French and does not qualify for French-language Education?

If your child does not speak French and is not eligible for French-language education, you can submit an application for admission to any one of our schools. This request will be reviewed by an admissions committee which will assess your child's skills and comfort level in French. The committee will also examine the parents' commitment towards the school's Catholic values and French-language education to ensure that parents/guardians who cannot speak the language play an essential role in promoting a love of learning in French in a Francophone setting. If the request is approved, special measures are implemented by the school to assist both you and your child's integration into the school's community.

French-language Education and French Immersion are not the same

French-language Schools

Students who attend a French-language school are taught in their primary language, French.

Francophone schools are completely French. French is the language of instruction and communication in the school and with community partners. Additionally, French-language schools enhance students' cultural identity through the integration of cultural activities in the curriculum as well as in extra-curricular activities. French resources, posters, signage and morning announcements contribute to the creation of a completely French-speaking environment and experience.

French Immersion Programs

Students in French immersion programs are, in fact, English-language students. They are taught French as a second language within an English-language school.

French immersion programs take place in English-language schools where the signage, assemblies and general atmosphere is in English. French immersion programs provide students with the skills they need to communicate in a second language. Because French immersion students are surrounded by English students, it is naturally much harder for them to partake in Francophone culture.

Study EN FRANÇAIS in CSC Nouvelon Schools

Our students, much like the youth living elsewhere in North America, are immersed in a predominantly English language environment - everywhere except in schools offering a French-language education and perhaps in their home or in targeted institutions. Most children understand and speak English prior to starting Kindergarten in our schools. For this reason, we believe that true "French immersion" is to be fully immersed in a French as a First language setting.

Our classroom route to sustainable bilingualism offers a comprehensive setting where your child will not only "function" in French but will "think" in French and will be able to live in French. In our schools, teachers are native speakers of French and fully master the language. Their responsibility goes beyond the teaching of basic communication skills - he or she creates a strong and motivating learning environment which increases your child's ability to fully master the language, understand and appreciate the Francophone culture and develop a high-level of sustainable bilingualism from Kindergarten through grade 12.

Further, in order to ensure fluent bilingualism, your child will follow an English-language Arts program from grades 4 through 12 using the same English curriculum as the one delivered in English-language schools.

We also offer special programs and services designed specifically to meet the needs of all of our students. Our French-language Acquisition Program (Programme d'actualisation de la langue française) allows students to develop and improve their proficiency in French in order to succeed academically. Based on your child's proficiency in French, your child may be offered an individualized program designed to enhance his or her linguistic competencies.

Your Role

French-language Catholic schools respect the specific needs of non-French-speaking parents by offering various services and programs. In addition to this, communication is often facilitated through networking with other parents as well as individual meetings with principals and school staff.

We believe that strong language acquisition starts with an early introduction to the French-language but most importantly, is strongly influenced by the parents' involvement and positive support. Trust yourself. Trust your child's ability to learn. A positive attitude towards French-language acquisition is the best support you can offer. Our goal is to work with you to ensure your child's happiness and continued success.


Kindergarten Program

CSC Nouvelon has successfully offered a full-time Kindergarten program for more than 20 years. This program is offered in all our elementary schools. Additionally, the extended day program is available in schools offering daycare services through our partners.

The full-time Kindergarten program:

  • is designed to help your child develop the social, emotional, academic and physical skills that provide a good foundation for success in school;
  • focuses on your child's individual development and interests;
  • provides a play-based learning environment and opportunities to socialize;
  • offers your child many activities including singing, music, dramatic arts, language skills and, of course, technology.

In schools offering the Kindergarten program, teachers and early childhood educators work closely together to help your child learn and thrive in a Catholic French language environment.

We are convinced of the benefits of a literacy and numeracy skill development program for four- and five-year olds. This commitment has proven successful as provincial tests reveal that French-language students outperform students attending English-language schools in grade 6 mathematics, reading and writing. CSC Nouvelon’s graduation rates are also higher than the provincial average.

Our Kindergarten program encourages children's overall spiritual, affective, social, cultural, and psychomotor development. It also ensures a sustainable French-language acquisition contributing to both academic success and Francophone cultural identity success for students from all cultural backgrounds. At time of registration, you will receive a welcome package which will highlight program expectations, our commitment as educators as well as your role in your child's educational and identity development.

Admission to Kindergarten

To qualify for Kindergarten, your child must have turned 4 prior to December 31 of the registration year.

The following documents are necessary to complete your child's registration:

  • Birth Certificate;
  • OHIP Card;
  • Immunization Card (vaccine and inoculation booklet);
  • Roll Number (appears on municipal tax forms);
  • Baptismal Certificate (if available).

How can I register my child?

Complete our Quick Pre-Registration Form online. You may also fill out the pdfRegistration Form and bring it to the school of your choice.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the school principal or call 705-673-5626 or 1-800-259-5567.

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