June 1, 2023

Grade 6 students at École St-Paul (Lively), under the guidance of teacher Ms. Annie Lapointe, are enthusiastically asserting their commitment to becoming pro-ecological and pro-biodiversity citizens by taking part in various projects in their school and community.

Thanks to grants from World Wildlife Fund Canada's (WWF-C) Free Your School Nature Program and Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF), the class was able to purchase the materials required to build gardening beds. The funds also went towards the purchase of plants, seeds, soil and vermicompost to nourish the soil in the gardens.

As part of this ongoing project, the students collected leftover building materials which were then recycled into gardening containers. In the coming weeks, students will be adding wildflowers and seeds to create wildflower and vegetable gardens that will remain on the school property. Committed to this project, École St-Paul students will be responsible for the upkeep of the garden as well as the harvest in the fall.

“This project will enable the students to play an active part in improving the biodiversity in the community of Lively,” stated Ms. Mireille Miron, Principal at École St-Paul (Lively). “Furthermore, by leading this ambitious project, they will have the chance to live an authentic learning experience that will put to effective use their planning and research skills as well as implement a large-scale project.”

"It is not only the students who are active, as we also welcomed little friends into our vermicomposter. The students are responsible for feeding and observing the activity of the earthworms, as well as checking the soil's moisture and pH levels. They will be able to discover the science of vermicomposting and how to produce nutrient-rich soil. Analysis of the data will enable them to make any necessary adjustments,” added Ms. Miron.


Annie Lapointe, 6th grade teacher Students with their constructed gardening containers

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